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Anyone here use a CF CMS system besides FarCry? If not, please share your experiences with FarCry.


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A quick answer - farcry is really useful.

Others to check out are boomsocket and Bytespring
thanks Nick! My only worry with open source is the amount of support that's offered.
i would say that farcry has been about the longest, but boom socket are making good grond. They have some screen casts you should look at
My only other issue, which is probably just as big as support is the fact we're coming from an existing CMS system that no longer fits our needs. There's certain features that are must haves...

But, I will take a look at this one - thanks Nick!
FarCry is really customizable and extensible, especially if you know a decent amount of CF. I built a Farcry site a couple years ago, and in my experience was ok. It's a really powerful system. I did find the lack of documentation challenging and frustrating - what was out there was outdated, or people on the list said "don't use that tutorial, it's wrong!"

The developer email list was very active and responsive, but it's not a substitute for documentation. However, with the new version the documentation seems 1000% better and they've published a full training guide, which should make all the difference.

Also I had some performance issues, there is a lot of overhead in such a powerful CMS so plan to spend some time doing performance tuning and cache optimization, and make sure your server has plenty of RAM. This may have improved with the latest version, I haven't tried it yet.
Thanks Rachel for sharing this. We're a CF shop, so from your description that shouldn't be an issue. My main concern is what we'll have to do to get our current content into the FarCry system, learn it, customize it, change all our pages (which will probably have to be done anyways), and support it. Whatever system we end up going to, we'll have to support it; but I think we'd rather do less than more. But, this has definitely given me more insight. I really appreciate it.
Hehe it is a big decision, huh? And with all the horror stories people tell about having to move away from a bad CMS, it really makes you think long and hard before taking the plunge. I think there is a FarCry group on this site, you may want to check it out. Good luck!
It's difficult. There are *so* many CMS systems out there and each one of them have more or less the same features. Each of them have their success / horror stories. It's hard to judge.

Anyways - I'll check out the FarCry group! Thanks again!
email sent, thanks!
boomsocket appears to be in closed alpha
thanks Michael.
Hi Amy,

feel free to have a look at our (commercial) cms solution CONTENS, developed since 1999. You can find more information about our solutions and our customers on our website

Best regards



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