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Anyone here use a CF CMS system besides FarCry? If not, please share your experiences with FarCry.


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Hi Amy,

feel free to have a look at our (commercial) cms solution CONTENS, developed since 1999. You can find more information about our solutions and our customers on our website

Best regards


thanks, I will check it out.
We are a CommonSpot shop.
Heya Maureen,

What's your opinion on PaperThin(CommonSpot)? Are you happy with them? Their customer service? Mind if I bug you off forum?
They are very receptive to any issues we present. We have a pretty large installation and a large number of developers plus editors.
Like any app, it can take some effort to get things configured correctly for peak performance ;) and sometimes this is not limited to infrastructure alone.
You are welcome to contact me off-site. If I can't answer your questions I can find someone who can.
thanks Maureen! I appreciate you sharing your experiences!
Farcry is more than a CMS, it's also a framework and that makes it a very powerful tool to create complex web applications. It's important to give yourself some time to understand the basic architecture of a Farcry application to take advantage of all the features and be more productive with it. Having spent some time with Geoff and the Daemonites for more than a year, I can safely say that Farcry is in the hands of one of the most dedicated, committed and community oriented team. The built-in CMS functionalities will save you a lot of time and if you need more, the underlying "formtool" mechanism is the key to develop in Farcry. This is one of the first area to investigate if you plan to use it seriously. About the docs, read carefully to which version of Farcry it relates to as from a version to another, the differences are huge. And if you don't find the answer, there is a mailing list where you generally get an answer very quickly - dare I say one day.


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