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For all of you who have been playing with the beta versions of CF9 what are the main features in CF9 you're looking forward to use when it goes live?

What real benefit do you see with the latest updates about to be released?

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Well... I am still building custom features for things like CFish and COOP. Yet that does not mean ColdFusion is not ripe for the picking. I am very impressed with all they have done in this release. They enhanced and added so many features it promises to be a player on many new solutions. Now there are still things they can do to make it better than great... but it is certainly a GREAT solution IMO.
One project I worked in the past had a lot of business logic on database objects, primarily stored procedures mostly because of the performance benefits. I have payed with hibernate and love how fast it allows me to develop, but I often wonder if the fast development comes at the cost of performance. If we were to build say a reporting application using Hibernate and second version using store procedures which will perform better? More importantly is there any value in doing things the hard way anymore? I have not tested this, but I think SPs should still perform better, what do you guys think?
If by reporting application you mean something that compiles aggregate data and puts it into a nice visual format, then Hibernate will likely perform very poorly. That is not what Hibernate is for. In those cases you are MUCH better off using ColdFusion queries or stored procedures.
Yes that's what I meant
I haven't tried the beta for CF9 to be honest, but just wondered whether CF9 will support something similar to master pages in .net?

I love CF its one of the most flexible languages I have used, but as a designer I would love to see master page support introduced into CF.
for those of us not familiar with .NET, what is the gist of "master pages"?
I think master pages are equivalent to layouts and all frameworks (the few I tried at least) support them in one way or another.
Oh, sorry Miguel, I just noticed your 2nd post. ;) So I agree with you. :)
Thanks Chris & Miguel. It looks to me from looking at the documentation for Master Pages in .NET that they do basically what frameworks do in ColdFusion. I'd check out any major CF framework - Fusebox, ColdBox, Mach-II, Model-Glue, CF on Wheels, the onTap framework or COOP. Some more than others. ColdBox the onTap framework and I think Wheels have specific "layouts" features, but if you talk to anyone in the Mach-II or Model-Glue communities, they have their own ways of implementing layouts as well. If you're not familiar with frameworks yet, I wrote an article a little while ago where I converted Ray Camden's Galleon forums to several different frameworks simultaneously and shows that all the frameworks are mostly very similar. At some point hopefully I can add Wheels and COOP in there.
cf9 :its great enough.
PDF, iMap, air integration features are awesome.


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