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Now a days, finding a new ColdFusion job is too hard. Is it time to switch over to some other technologies?

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Plenty of work out there.......... may be time for a change of location, that is if you have been unsuccessful locally.


Best of luck



I would agree with Andy, about the 'plenty of work' thing.  I have several leads I am looking at, all of which came from networking.  The positions posted on Craig's List or Monster, etc. are hard to land, but if you keep connected with local user groups and other CF folks in your area, you will likely find what you are looking for.


I live in the Denver area, and I have been working on all forms of Cold Fusion projects and contracts.  You may want to consider working as a contractor on one or more smaller projects rather than the traditional 9-5.  The money is usually better, though it is not as stable.  The great thing is you'll be able to set your own schedule and not deal with many of the headaches of full-time employment.  I will miss it if I take one of these positions.


We'll see what happens!

I am working as full time freelancer & working from Home. I tried all possible to way to get it. But no luck upto now. :(

send me your email i will get you work.

I am a designer/developer seeking a CF freelancer to help me with projects on an ongoing basis - for existing CF sites and occasional new projects  The most important requirement is that you be trustworthy & dependable.  If anyone is interested, it's probably best if start by using one of the Freelancing websites for protection of both parties?  Anyone interested please email me at:

It's the working from home that turns off employers. Crazy as you have an electronic audit trail. At the end of the day it is just habit though there is an initial cost in setting up compliance tools.

I would recommend getting friendly with php tools (wordpress/joomla/moodle/drupal) and that might fill in some gaps. But be prepared to be underpaid in the php community.

I'm in Australia and there are many cf jobs advertised recently. Employers are wary of Indians as some claim to be skilled in everything but if you have good referees maybe sign up to cfaussie  at google groups. 

The other area of migration that is growing is frontend -jquery/html5/css3 - since as middleware devs we already do some of this and for the first time it almost pays as much as 'backend' coding it could be another filler for you.

Just some thoughts - I sometimes need overflow coders too so will keep you in mind.



@joe, @Daniel Thanks a lot for your kind replies.


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