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What happens if we place the CFCs in different folders other than root folder and how we can invoke them? Is it possible to use them?

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Sure, we can place CFCs in different folder. And while creating the object, specify the folder name.... see the following code below...

objName = CreateObject("component", "Foldername.CFCName");

ex: objCFCothr = CreateObject("component", "Model.CFCName");

In the given example, I am placing the CFC in a folder named 'Model'
The below example is ok if our Model folder is in the web root. if you want to place your CFC in folder other than in root, you have to map the path of the cfc in coldfusion administrator (in mapping section). Give the logical name and the directory path. And while referring the cfc, use that logical name the you gave. If the logical name is 'TestPathCFC' then

objName = CreateObject("component", "TestPathCFC.CFCName");

ex: objCFCothr = CreateObject("component", "TestPathCFC.CFCName");


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